Conversation Inbox Filters
  • 16 Aug 2022
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Conversation Inbox Filters

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In this article, we will show you how to sort and organize your Conversations Inbox within CommBox’s Agent Workspace.

From the main interface of the Agent Workspace, click on the icon to open the Conversations Inbox.

Once this appears, you will see a vertically organized list of filters. They include:

Conversation Filter Options 


Displays all currently opened conversations within the specific brand

Assigned to me 

Displays all conversations assigned to your currently logged-in username


Displays all conversations in which you have been assigned as a participant.


Displays all active conversations which are currently not assigned to any agent or bot


Displays all Conversations which have been transferred to another agent. This can happen in one of two ways:

  • Manually transferred by the agent - Used for internal use only, to maintain an organized inbox for existing conversations.
  • Transferred to an external entity - Transferring the conversation to an external entity that does not have access to CommBox’s platform, enabling them to review the conversation and provide input if necessary. Please note that the external entity will not be able to provide a first-hand answer directly to the customer.


Displays all conversations in which a first message has been opened yet no messages have been dispatched to a destination of any kind.


Displays all Conversations which are currently being handled by a bot.


Displays all conversations which have been marked as Resolved and have not changed status for an extended period of time (as set under the relevant channel settings).

To add a new Inbox filter, click on the symbol to the left of the header Conversations (as seen in the screenshot below).

Once clicking on the +, a side menu will emerge, with the header Add Inbox Filter (as seen in the screenshot below).

We will now review the various filters listed, beginning with the conversation category filters (as seen in the screenshot below).

Select the desired conversation statuses you want the filter to collect, and then enter the desired filter name (as seen in the screenshot below) and then click OK to save the filter.

Conversation Assignment Status

The pre-set Conversation assignment statuses include the following:


This conversation marks all of the assignment statuses.

Assign to me

All conversations that are assigned to your currently logged-in username.


All active conversations that are currently not assigned to any agent.

Assigned to Manager 

All conversations that have been assigned to any agent.


All conversations in which you have been assigned as a participant.

The selectable Inbox filters (as seen in the screenshot below) represent the different Conservation Statuses that allow you to more precisely sort the statuses and add another layer of cataloging.

Please note: you can review all of the current active Conversation Inbox filters and their corresponding contents from the Inbox subcategory within the General Settings Module (as seen in the screenshot below).

Inbox Filters 

Here is a description of each selectable Inbox filters

Open - Same as the Open conversation filter option. See the Conversation Filter Options section above. 

Resolved - the conversation has been completed and closed, thus it has been marked as such by an agent.

Forwarded - Same as the Forwarded conversation filterSee the Conversation Filter Options section above. 

Irrelevant - the conversation has been identified as irrelevant or mistakenly sent, etc. Spam messages fit this description.

Delete - conversations that have been deleted by the agents. Eventually, conversations here will be permanently deleted (according to the time frame defined in the Settings (where are they defined).

Returned - conversations that were transferred to an external entity (with no access to CB’s platform) for review and response, and have now been transferred back to an agent

Draft - Same as the Draft conversation filter. See the Conversation Filter Options section above

In Process - conversations that have been referred to the relevant internal department to be dealt with. This conversation status must be manually set by an agent.

Scheduled - Conversations that are scheduled to be sent at a custom time. You can schedule the conversation from the Timing tab in the Compose Message window.

Followup - Conversations that triggered a pre-set notification to be received by the at a pre-set time.

Automated - Same as the Automated conversation filter option. See the Conversation Filter Options above. 

Sent - Conversations that have been sent out from the system and have not received yet a response.

Archive - Same as the Archive conversation filter optionSee the Conversation Filter Options above. 

Pending - This status must be manually set by the agent. These are conversations that are awaiting a response from the customer. Once the customer replies, the conversation status will switch back to Open.

It also doesn't count as a conversation in the specific agent’s max assignment quota. 

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