General Settings
  • 08 Dec 2022
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General Settings

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Article Summary

This article outlines the General Settings for CommBox's Agent Workspace system. It covers language, time zone, country code, dashboard access, company logo, inbox filters, conversation quantity per page in inbox, agent response time overruns and date format. It also covers outgoing email settings such as mail server type and port number as well as sender name and address. Additionally it covers Knowledge Base settings such as auto complete box in mail and external search provider connection string. Finally it mentions Google Analytics account connection.


In this module, you can choose the overall General Settings for CommBox’s Agent Workspace system.


Language - the language which will be displayed in all externally displayed product which is seen by customers

Time Zone - defines the time zone applied to all times displayed on communications

Default Country Code - sets the desired country code for outgoing calls and SMS

Display Dashboard for the user - toggle on/off to authorize the user to access the Agent Workspace Dashboard.

Company Logo - you can attach here an image file with the company logo you wish to be displayed on the communications with customers


Filters - you can select here which filters will be visible to users of the Agent Workspace. You can select which filters are available or not by toggling the checkbox on the right-hand side of the window.

Quantity of conversations per page in Inbox - set the quantity of conversations displayed on each page of the Inbox.

Overrun in the agent’s response time (in seconds) - this sets the amount of time before an unanswered conversation will be flagged to the agent’s name in the Control Panel Agent’s Table.

Show Full Date format - toggle on/off the date displayed on the time stamps of the messages sent/received in conversation

Default Snooze (next day) - if this is toggled to on, pressing this will snooze all notifications for 24 hours. 

Outgoing Email

Mail Server Type - Here you can choose the type of email server type you want to use with the Agent Workspace brand. 

Server name - Here you can enter the name of the relevant server. 

Port - The STMP port number used for the email server configured for this brand. Port 587 is the default port for SMTP submissions on the modern web.

Sender name - the desired name assigned to the outgoing email address configured for this brand (as in the step listed "outgoing email address")

Outgoing email address - the email address from which all outgoing emails will be dispatched.

Use secure connection (SSL) - toggle on/off the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security certificate protocols. This is used for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client (e.g., Outlook).

User name - Type in the username for the specific email account entered above. 

Password - Type in the password for the specific email account entered above.

Exchange version - select the version of the Microsoft Exchange server software to be used in the Agent Workspace brand

Show auto-complete box in mail - toggle on/off for the email server to display an auto-complete option in the email server interface. 

Knowledge Base 

Apply constant settings - When this is toggled to ‘On’ the two following settings for all agents. If toggled to Off the settings below will need to be individually set on an agent-to-agent basis. 

Stay open after inserting an item - when toggled to On, the Knowledge Base will remain open after an agent inserts an item from the Knowledge Base into a conversation. 

Open when entering a conversation - when toggled to On, this setting will enable the Knowledge Base to remain open permanently when entering any conversation. 

Knowledge base external search provider - connection to an external knowledge base. Please contact your CSM for further assistance 

Connection string of knowledge base external search provider - Contact your CSM for further assistance.


Google Analytics account - you can connect a Google Analytics account to this feature.

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