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The Agent Workspace Homepage is the main window for agents to view and interact with conversations in a brand's workspace. It contains several ancillary functions such as Advanced Search, User System Settings, Main Taskbar, Master System Refresh, Create a New Conversation, Conversation Inbox, Campaigns, Dashboard, Insights and Internal Chat. Each of these functions can be used to monitor activity and performance statistics of the brand's agents and channel streams. Additionally users can adjust settings for all Agent Workspace Modules in the Module Settings section.


This guide will show you all of the functions in the Agent Workspace Homepage window.

To access the Agent Workspace, you will need to go to CommBox’s website, located at www.commbox.io

Once arriving, click on the Login button located at the top of the web page (as seen in the screenshot below, underlined):

The Agent Workspace Homepage is what appears immediately after logging into the brand at the login page (as seen in the screenshot below):

Once you’ve logged in successfully, the following window should appear by default:

You can view and interact with all conversations in the brand’s workspace from this window.

We will explain several ancillary functions before delving into the primary operations of the Agent Workspace.

To expand or collapse the Main Navigation bar, toggle the thumbtack icon.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search bar is located in the upper left corner (as seen in the screenshot below):

Here you can search for conversations and customers. Clicking on the arrow will open up the Advanced Search. This function allows agents to conduct a system-wide search.

Please view the Advanced Search guide for further details. 

User System Settings -

Located in the upper right corner of the Agent Workspace, the User System Settings Menu allow for the agent to set their activity status, view/change User Settings, User Attendance report, and Logout. 

Main Taskbar

Located on the left-hand side of the screen, this is the umbrella location where all of the main areas of the Agent Workspace are centralized; think of it as a Start Menu in a standard operating system’s graphical user interface.

Main Taskbar Contents 

Master System Refresh

 Create a New Conversation

 Conversation Inbox




 Internal Chat


Master System Refresh 

The 1st button from the top, appearing as CommBox’s logo (located at the very top of the navigation bar) serves as a master refresh button for the entire system.

This button is unique in that clicking on it will refresh the entire system and redirect you to the Agent Workspace Conversation Inbox.

Create a New Conversation 

The 2nd button from the top, appearing as a pencil, will redirect you to the Create a New Conversation interface, which appears as seen below:

Please view the Create a New Conversation Guide for further details (a link to the webpage will be here). 

Conversation Inbox

The 3rd button from the top, appearing as a question bubble (as seen above), will redirect you to the Conversation Inbox, which appears as seen in the screenshot below:

From this window, you can access all conversations located within the brand.

Please view the Conversation Inbox window guide, Conversation Filters guide, and Channel Filters guide for further details. 


The 4th button from the top, appearing as a megaphone, is the Campaigns overview window (appearing as seen in the screenshot below):

From this window, you can track all campaigns in the brand.

Please view the How to Create a Campaign guide for further details (which needs to be written).


The 5th button from the top, appearing as a scale meter, is the Dashboard window (appearing as seen in the screenshot below):

You can monitor the activity and performance statistics of the brand’s agents and channel streams from the Dashboard. You can also download Excel files charting the data at your discretion.

Please view the Dashboard Guide for further details (needs to be written)


The 6th button from the top is the Insights hub. Here, all the performance and usage data of the different channels and modules system-wide is centralized in one location.

The Insights display data on the following areas:





Satisfaction Survey

Knowledge Base

User Attendance Reports

Chat Availability


Automation Scripts

Please view the Insights guide for further details. 

Internal Chat 

The 7th button from the top is the Internal Chat. This feature allows the user to communicate with other agents operating within the brand.

Here is a screenshot displaying the expanded window version of the Internal Chat.

Please view the Internal Chat guide for further details.

Module Settings

The Module Settings is the 8th (and final) button from the top. Here you can adjust the settings for all Agent Workspace Modules.

The Module Settings are organized in the following categories: 

Automation features (Rules, Scripts, Intents)

Channels - (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, etc.)

Applications - (Chat, Video Chat, Voice Chat, Contact Us, etc.)

Settings & Features - (Forms, Business Hours, Custom Fields, SLA, etc.)

Integrations - (SAP C4C, SysAid, RightNow CRM, Dynamics CRM, etc.)

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