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  • 26 May 2022
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Contact Us

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How to use the Contact Us feature?

CommBox's Agent Workspace Contact Us feature allows us to provide the client’s customers with a variety of communications platform options to establish contact with the client’s relevant department, whether it be destined for the sales, customer service, or technical support areas.

To install the Contact Us application in the Agent Workspace, the user must enter the system settings by clicking on the Settings icon (located in the lower right corner of the screen) and click the Contact Us icon located under Applications.

Stage 1: Setting up the channel in CommBox’s Agent Workspace

  1. In CommBox’s Agent Workspace, click on the Settings icon on the lower-left hand side of the screen, click on the red Contact Us icon → + Add



  1. Type in a name for the Contact Us channel. Once done so, click on Continue.

  2. Choose the module's desired settings from the accordion drop-down menu.

image (4).png

Module Settings -

Advanced -

In this section, we can embed CSS designs in order to change the way the feature looks on the website, the design can be done by CommBox’s developers according to the customer's requirements.

If the company has in-house personnel who specialize in CSS, it can be done without CommBox’s assistance.

General -

Long Conversation time -

This setting sets the conversation’s time limit from (in seconds) from when
When you want to set the maximum duration as 10 minutes (for example), you will input it as 600 seconds.

If the conversation duration exceeds this, the number will appear on the Agent Workspace’s Dashboard on the pages assigned to the representative - an indicator will be added that notes an exception maximum duration limit.

Theme color -

The chosen color will affect the appearance of the conversation on the client side.

Open/Close chat animations -

Pop-up: a new window will appear
Slider - a window will be opened above the button inside the website

Screen Dimensions -

Window height -
Setting the chat window’s height
Window’s width -
Setting the chat window’s width

Launcher -

Color of X button for closing conversation window - The X will be shown on the launcher after the conversation opens. On the mobile version, it will appear in the conversation window.

Default State -
Open - a chat window at the entrance of the website
Pre-button - the button displayed and clicking on it will open the window
Hidden - the button will be hidden and will pop up after ‘X’ amount of time which will be set in the clause below (by embedding a BY.Show code on the client’s website)

Vertical alignment -
Button - the button located at the bottom of the screen
Middle button - the button located in the middle of the screen

Show the module icons outside the Contact Us screen -
Uploading the website’s desktop button - uploading an icon that will replace the chat icon on the desktop/laptop computer

Uploading the website’s mobile device icon - uploading an icon that will replace the chat icon on the mobile device.

Anchoring -
Right - button on the right-hand side of the screen
Left - button on the left-hand side of the screen

Appearance -
Icon selection - you can choose one of our icons to be inside the launcher.
Button background color - choose the color background of your launcher
Button text - you can add text to your launch alongside your icon or without an icon

Tooltip text on the button - the text that will appear when the mouse cursor hovers over the channel button

Amount of time for the button to appear (seconds) - in the case of Default State, we’ve set it up so that the button would be hidden, and this setting will determine that after a few seconds, the chat window will appear.

Enabling/disable button vibration - setting the button to vibrate on-screen allows the user to locate the chat button on the website more easily.

Length of time between button vibrations (in seconds) - setting the frequency of the vibrations

Messages - floating messages are written to invite the user to enter the conversation

Enable Message Sounds - toggle on/off notifications sound

X for hiding Launcher on the screen - when this setting is on, an X icon will appear on the launcher with a text/image launcher that will enable the user to hide the launcher from the screen.

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