• 23 Nov 2022
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Design/Logo Icon selection - you can choose one of our icons to be displayed inside the launcher.

Button background color - choose the background color of your launcher

Button text - you can add text to your launch alongside your icon or without an icon


Mobile button logo - uploading an icon that will replace the chat icon on the mobile device

Desktop button image - uploading an icon that will replace the chat icon on the desktop/laptop computer

Tooltip text on the button - the text that will appear when hovering over the button.

Default State

Open - a chat window at the entrance of the website

Pre-button - the button displayed and clicking on it will open the window

Hidden - the button will be hidden and will pop up after X amount of time which will be set in the clause below (by embedding a BY.Show code on the client’s website)

Color of the X button for closing the conversation windows - usable when the opening button is set to hidden - The X will be shown on the launcher after the chat opens and on mobile in the chat window.

Vertical alignment 

Button - the button located at the bottom of the screen

Middle button - the button located in the middle of the screen


Right - button on the right-hand side of the screen

Left - button on the left-hand side of the screen

Amount of time for the button to appear (seconds) - in the case of Default State, we’ve set it up so that the button would be hidden, and this setting will determine that after a few seconds, the chat window will appear.

Enabling the button to vibrate - setting the button to vibrate on-screen allows the user to locate the chat button on the website more easily.

Button confirming that the customer would like to exit the chat application - after the customer disconnects from the chat, they will be asked, Are you sure you wish to exit the chat?

Length of time between button vibrations (seconds) - setting the frequency of the vibrations

Messages - floating messages are written to invite the user to enter the chat

Interval between messages - Determines the time allowed to elapse between the displayed messages that emerge.

Enable messages sound - Toggle on/off the notification sound, which will be triggered when a message arrives

X for hiding launcher on the screen - when this setting is on, an X icon will appear on the Launcher with text/image launcher that will enable the user to hide the launcher from the screen.

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