Two-Factor Authentication
  • 18 May 2022
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Two-Factor Authentication

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Overview: How to set up CommBox’s Two-Factor Authentication module?

This module enables connection to the system through two-step authentication (OTP) through SMS.

While utilizing this module, a user will be required to enter an authentication code when he connects to the system. The code will be received as an SMS to their mobile phone.

  • For this module to work correctly, it is necessary that the entry in the 'Privacy & Security’ - 'General Settings’ tab - under the 'List of IP addresses authorized for the Agent Workspace' be set to one or more IP addresses.

  • Make sure that for all users, a phone number is set in the user's table (Settings → on the right side select 'Users')

  • Ensure that users (not admin users) who require remote access (outside of the authorized IP addresses) will be allowed to do so as part of their 'Capabilities'.


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General settings -

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Off - the module is not activated. Admins will never receive OTP requests when set to this status.

Remote only - In the case of the administrator logging in from an unauthorized IP address (i.e., not listed in the authorized IP address list).

On - Every user logging in to the system (regardless if it’s an administrator or a regular representative) will be required to pass the two-factor authentication process before system access is granted.

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