Auto Assignments
    • 20 Dec 2023
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    Auto Assignments

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    CommBox’s Auto-Assignment module allows for the streamlined management of all customer inquiries by the various representatives based on their respective statuses, conversation type, and more.

    Once the module is activated, the different channels' conversations can be automatically attached to the representative assigned to the relevant inquiry.

    It will appear underneath the filter titled Assigned To Me in the conversation window of each representative.

    Module Settings

    Note: that every representative can receive inquiries from every channel that he has been given the authorization to utilize (per the User Settings → Individual Representatives' Authorizations)

    Once the suitable status is activated (active or busy), the representative will receive the assignments automatically.

    Every conversation assigned to a representative will appear on the caseload of that representative.

    For example, suppose the assigned representative can receive 10 synchronized conversations and 10 unsynchronized conversations. In that case, they will continue to receive conversations until the caseload limit has been met, according to their set capacity (in terms of channels).

    Suppose conversations assigned to a representative are currently on Waiting status. In that case, the caseload count will not include the assigned conversation in the count towards the caseload limit of that specific representative.

    For example, if a representative has 10 assigned conversations, and their caseload limit is also 10 conversations. Suppose one of them is currently set to waiting status;

    The extra conversation will not count that specific conversation towards the caseload limit, and the representative can receive an additional conversation.

    Regular Automatic Assignment vs. Special Automatic Assignment 

    Regular Automatic Assignment 

    This is an automatic assignment, where a conversation has been assigned to a representative. Based on their channel authorizations, without involvement from another parameter.

    Example: a conversation enters the system, the representative answers according to the assignment of the relevant channel, and the representative’s status is enabled to receive assignments - the conversation is assigned to the representative.

    Special Automatic Assignment  

    Refers to the 4 situations where special assignments are relevant, which are:

    1. Assign Responses to Me - the representative can choose to assign a conversation to themselves once receiving a response from the end customer. This option is implemented once the message is written to the customer on the new message screen when it is possible. You can do this by clicking on the pencil icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

    2. Preferred Service - VIP: Preferred service is the representative listed on the customer’s profile tab as the representative assigned to interact with the specific VIP customer (assuming the representative is available to receive the conversation)

    3. Providing a link directly to the Representative’s Chat through the database - A special link containing details of the representative who sent the link can be issued with assistance from database details. Once the item has been created through the link, the conversation will be assigned to the representative (per the channel’s special assignment settings)

    4. Snooze settings: With assistance from the Tracking Settings feature, you can force the item to pop up within the Assign To Me filter on the hour/day of your choosing and a side note. Select the Tracking Settings, scroll with the mouse over the conversation, and press on the three-dots icon.

    Afterward, select snooze until….

    After you’ve selected the date & time, you will receive an indication that the item is being tracked.

    A snooze clock indicator on the conversation drop-down menu will be added to indicate that the conversation is being tracked.

    When the conversation returns at the time & date selected and at the end will be assigned (per the Special Automatic Assignment settings).

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