Business Hours
  • 03 Aug 2022
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Business Hours

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CommBox’s Business Hours module (also known as working/operating hours) allows you to organize the business hours for your various communication platforms and manage them from one centralized location, CommBox’s Agent Workspace.

These capabilities include:

  • Setting the various business hours for different time frames (hours, days, special days/holidays)
  • Setting business hours for specific types of business operations
  • Designate automated responses to be set at the client’s discretion
  • Filtering the use of the various communication platforms (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, etc.)

Setting up a channel

1. From CommBox’s Agent Workspace, click on the Settings icon (on the lower-left hand side).

2. Select the Business Hours module listed underneath Settings & Features.

3. After we’ve entered the module, click on +Business Hours Channel (visible on the left-hand side) and type in the desired name of the Business Hours channel.

4. Next, enter the desired name of the Business Hours Channel you are creating. Once this is done, click on Create Channel

Module Settings

Operating Hours  

In this section, you can enter the days/hours the business is in operation. After adding each day, click on Add.

Once we have set all the desired days, click Save.

You can enter more than a specific time range for one day, for example:

Auto Messages 

Message outside business hours - A message will be sent to the end customer when they write to us outside the set business hours/days.

Rich Text Message Outside of business hours - a message sent to the end customer when they contact us outside the hours and days we have defined as business hours (you can send this message on channels that support design, such as email and chat)

Message during Business Hours - a message sent to the customer when they write to us within the hours and days we have set.

Rich Text Message during Business Hours - a message sent to the customer when they write to us within the hours and days defined as business hours.

You can send this message through integrated communications channels, such as Email and CB chat.

Special Days 

A Special Day is a day that, due to special circumstances (holiday, elections, etc.), you want to set a one-time special schedule for a particular day(s).

To add a special day, click on New under special days and choose whether a single day is required or a range of dates.

Name - The assigned name of the special day.

Single-day/date range - you can input the date(s) when the event takes place within the time frame selected.

Close activity during selected date range/Business hours - on the dates chosen with the specific channel(s) defined, the Business Hours channel will be closed (or during specific regular business hours).

Message during/outside business hours - a message that you would like displayed to the customer during or outside business hours during the special day. You may save a message in both Plain text and Rich text (only for chat and email channels) formats. 

Important - Ensure that the Special Day settings have been saved, and then save the module settings themselves.

That’s it! You are ready to go!

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