Internal Chat
  • 03 Aug 2022
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Internal Chat

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CommBox’s Internal Chat feature allows the on-duty agents to communicate between themselves in a separate interface from existing ongoing conversations with its end customers.

Using the Internal Chat

1. Hover the mouse cursor over the CommBox taskbar column tab on the left side of the Agent Workspace screen.

2. At the bottom of the column, click on the Expand Window icon to the right side of Internal Chat. 

3. A new window will pop up (as seen in the screenshot below)

4. To begin a conversation with another agent, click on the name of the desired agent.

5. A chat window interface with the selected agent will open (as seen in the screenshot below)

If you click directly on the agent's name you wish to open an Internal Chat with, the window will pop up in the screen's lower right-hand corner (as appears in the screenshot below).

You can communicate with a fellow agent from either of these window interfaces one-on-one and add another agent to the internal chat conversation.

Type in the desired message, then when you wish to send it, click on the arrow symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the small chat interface.

  • To minimize the chatbox, click on the straight line ( - ).
  • To close the chat window altogether, click on the symbol
  • To expand the chat to the larger window (as seen in the first screenshot shown in step 5), click on the arrow-inside-the-box symbol (first symbol from the right)

All three symbols are shown in the screenshot below:

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