Salesforce Integration
    • 05 Feb 2024
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    Salesforce Integration

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    The Salesforce-CommBox integration enables users to seamlessly use Salesforce’s powerful CRM to manage day-to-day sales and service interactions while managing the communication channels through CommBox. With this integration, Commbox becomes a call center in an iFrame on the Salesforce platform. Input received from the bot or agent automatically merges into the Salesforce CRM, and users communicate with customers after viewing the call history and case data.


    Steps for this integration:

    1. Install the CommBox package.
    2. Connect Salesforce to your Commbox business account.
    3. Set Access Permissions to CommBox.
    4. Set up the call center.
    5. Add call center to CommBox.
    6. Activate Salesforce in the CommBox Platform.
    7. Verify the integration is working properly.
    8. Configure Salesforce in the CommBox platform.

    Note: The integration process requires admin privileges for both Salesforce and CommBox.

    Install The Package

    1. At the Salesforce console, navigate to Setup.

    2. In the Quick Find, enter AppExchange (the results will populate without hitting enter)

    3. Select AppExchange Marketplace from the links provided.

    4. In the AppExchange window, enter CommBox into the Search AppExchange field and click Enter.

    5. In the Search Results, select CommBox Connector.

    6. On the Commbox Connector detail page, select Get It Now.

    7. If you are presented with the login to AppExchange screen, select Open Login Screen, and then select Allow at the Allow Access screen.

    8. At the Install in This Org section, select Install Here.

    9. On the Confirm installation details screen, fill out the Tell us about yourself form, and check the box I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. You may select the box to allow the provider to contact you. Continue by clicking Confirm and Install.

    10. Select Install for Admins Only, then click Install.
      Note: THIS SELECTION IS VERY IMPORTANT- Selecting the wrong option will lead to agents gaining unauthorized access.
      While the CommBox Connector installs (it may take a few minutes), you will be presented with the This app is taking a long time to install message.

    11. After the installation is complete, click Done.

    12. Return to the browser after receiving confirmation that the installation has been completed via email.

    13. Close the CommBox Connector detail page (if it is still open).

    14. In Quick Find, enter Installed, and then select Installed Packages.

    15. Once the Installed Packages page opens, validate that the CommBox Connector is installed.

    16. Once Installed you will find new Permission Sets called Commbox ADMIN.
      Navigate to it by selecting Users > Permission Sets, and click on Commbox ADMIN.

    17. To assign these to your Selected admin users, click on Manage Assignments at the Permission Sets page.
      (Another option would be to go to Users, select the user and add the permission sets).

    18. Click Add Assignment at the top right corner.

    19. Select the Admin users from the list, followed by Next > Assign > Done.


    At the Object Manager tab, select Case Page Layout and add the Transcripts Related List to the Case (Draggable- see screenshot below).

    Save your Changes.


    Connect Salesforce to your Commbox corporate account.

    Note: The terms Brand and Corporate Name refer to the same business entity which is used to identify the business in APIs and platforms installations.

    Create a connected app

    1. At the Salesforce console, navigate to GOTO > Setup > Apps > App Manager and click New Connected App.
    2. Enter the following Basic Information in the appropriate fields:
      a. Connected App Name: Commbox {{CORPRATE_NAME}}
      b. API Name: commbox_{{CORPRATE_NAME}}
      c. Contact Email
      d. Logo Image URL
    3. At the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section, enter the following:
      a. Check Enable OAuth Settings
      b. Callback URL: https://{{CORPRATE_NAME}}
      c. Add the following to the Selected OAuth Scopes:



    1. At the Canvas App Settings section:
      a. Canvas: checked
      b. Canvas App URL: https://{{CORPRATE_NAME}}
      c. Access Method: Signed Request (POST)
      d. Locations: Visualforce Page, Open CTI

      Your screen should look similar to this:


    1. Click Save.

    2. After clicking Save, the Manage Connected Apps page opens. Click the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section, followed by clicking Manage Consumer Details.

    3. Get the Consumer Key and Secret:
      a. Follow email verification instructions:
      After receiving a “Verify your identity in Salesforce” email from Salesforce, enter the Verification Code and click Verify.
      b. Copy the Consumer Secret to your device.
      c. Click on the link Back to Manage Connected Apps.

    Set Access Permissions to CommBox

    1. Navigate to GOTO > Setup > Apps > Connected Apps > Managed Connected Apps, and click Edit next to your app “commbox_{{CORPRATE_NAME}}

    2. In the Permitted Users section, select Admin approved users are pre-authorized

    3. Click Save.

    4. Navigate again to GOTO > Setup > Apps > Connected Apps > Managed Connected Apps, and click on your app “commbox_{{CORPRATE_NAME}}

    5. Set relevant Profiles and relevant Permission Sets for your organization.

    Setup Call center

    Set the connected app name:

    1. At the Salesforce console, navigate to GOTO > Setup > Call Center > Call Centers, and click the Edit button next to “CommBox.”

    2. Update the field CTI Adapter URL:
      Note: Double underscore after /cmbx. See screenshot below for the brand name Talk as an example.

    3. Click Save.

    4. At the Call Center Users section, click the Manage Call Center Users button to set up agents in the call center.
      Salasforce guide- pic.png

    5. Add relevant users to the call center (Permission to use), following instructions from this link:

    6. Setup the inbound call actions (what will happen when a call enters Salesforce), following instructions at this link:

    Add call center to Apps

    1. At the Salesforce console, navigate to GOTO > Setup > Apps > App Manager, and select the desired app of the “Lightning” type.
    2. Click the Edit button next to the app.
    3. Under the Utility items section, click Add Utility Item, and select Open CTI Softphone.
    4. Under Utility Item Properties, change the Label to Commbox {{CORPRATE_NAME}}, check the box Start automatically, and click Save.

    Activate Salesforce at the Commbox Console

    The Salesforce configuration is done at the general setting level as well as on each specific communication channel.

    Note: Every CommBox account has only one Salesforce admin account.

    General Activation

    1. At the Commbox platform, navigate to Settings, click the Salesforce CRM icon from the Integrations sections, and then click Install.

    2. Select New Salesforce Account in the Salesforce Account section. You will be redirected to select your username.

    3. Enter your Salesforce username and credentials (as an Admin).

    4. Paste the consumer secret obtained from Salesforce at the top section.

    5. Click Save.

    6. Go back to the Settings page, select the Privacy and Security section, and click on General settings.

    7. Enable the iFrame for the agents by switching the toggle on, and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

    Channel Activation

    The final step involves activating specific communication channels. For demo purposes, we chose the Chat Channel.

    Note: Every CommBox account has only one Salesforce admin account.

    1. At the CommBox platform, navigate to Settings and click the Chat icon.

    2. Select a specific Chat Channel.

    3. Scroll toward the bottom of the screen and select Salesforce CRM Connector.

    4. Switch the different toggles to activate the integration with this channel to your specifications. (Contact us if you would like to have the Search and Create off while having others on).

    5. For web Chat channels (Chat, Voice Chat, Video Chat) only:
      a. Open the Login section to set the Mandatory fields for the channel: First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email. Note that when using the Chat channel, all fields must be populated for the channel to work.
      b. Select the fields from the drop-down menu.
      c. Drag the field tags from the Optional box to the Mandatory fields box.

    6. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

    Verify that the Integration is Working

    1. In the App Launcher, go to the app you added to the softphone.
    2. Look for the CommBox {{CORPRATE_NAME}} tab in the footer.
    3. Click it to see if you get a login page.

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