Zendesk Integration
    • 07 Jul 2024
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    Zendesk Integration

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    The Zendesk integration enables the agent to trigger the Zendesk ticket creation from the conversation menu.


    The integration includes activating a new module and setting permissions for the agents.
    Admin credentials are required.
    Zendesk settings- pic.png

    1. At the CommBox console, navigate to Settings and select the Zendesk module (in the integration section).
    2. Enter the API endpoint URL (usually the same as the website URL).
    3. Enter the Website URL.
    4. For Username and password, enter your admin email and Zendesk credential.
    5. Save the settings at the bottom of the page.

    Using Zendesk in the CommBox platform

    1. At the conversation inbox, at the end of the conversation, click the 3-dot menu at the conversation summary or at the top of the open conversation, and click Create ticket in Zendesk.
      Zendesk create.png

    2. To see the ticket, click again on the same 3-dot menu and select Go to the Zendesk ticket.
      Zendesk create2.png

    3. Information transferred is placed in related fields according to the following table:

    In the example below, agent Dvir H. opened a ticket in Zendesk on behalf of the customer, Ms. Heather Purple.
    Zendesk ticket1 - pic.png

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