AI Assistant
  • 04 Feb 2024
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AI Assistant

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Article Summary

The Era AI Assistant


Era focuses on communication soft skills, assisting agents in producing consistent, targeted, and error-free responses that improve customer-agent interactions. After suggesting alternative replies, Era enables the agents to adjust the tone of the reply, which leads to a uniform corporate resonance. Finally, Era can automatically summarize the conversation with the customer, record it as a remark in the inbox, and integrate it into Customer Relationship Management (CRM), saving both time and effort.

Including in this guide:

A. Improve Agent’s Message
- Change message tone of voice and formality
- Fix typos and grammar

B. AI-generated Conversation Summary



A. Improve Message

Era modifies the agent's reply to make it more targeted and appropriate to the corporate standards by avoiding unprofessional-sounding comments and giving the message a befitting tone.
For new agents, the Era becomes an asset that guides them with real examples of how to produce the desired tone of the company when dealing with customers.

  1. After writing the reply to the customer, click the AI icon and select Improve Message.
  2. After Era produces a new response, click Insert to substitute the current reply with the suggested one or
  3. Click Rewrite for another attempt at a generative reply or click on the “tones” for a reply that incorporates the chosen tone. Once the text is to your satisfaction, click Insert.
  4. Modify the reply if needed and click Reply to continue the conversation.


B. Conversation Summary

At any time during the conversation, agents can have the conversation summarized and recorded as a remark on the conversation board. Admins can select an Automatic Conversation Summary at the AI settings activation to automatically summarize the conversation when the status changes to “Resolved”.

Click the AI icon and select Summarize conversation.
A new Summary tab appears after the initial system summary. Agents may choose to summarize the conversation at any time. The summary will include Action Items (where applicable) based on the conversation content.





Era’s activation is performed at both the module level and the desired Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp communication channels.

  1. At the CommBox console, navigate to Settings > Era AI module and click Contact Us to open a subscription plan with a replenishing Actions plan.
    AI initial actions – Figma pic.png

  2. Once a subscription plan is implemented, navigate to Settings > Era AI and activate the module (toggle at the top).
    AI no actions left - PIC.png

Note: The package subscription resets at the beginning of the month, regardless of usage. Check the status bar to see the daily usage and available Actions limits.

  1. Navigate again to Settings and select the desired Chat, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp module.
  2. Select the relevant channel and expand the AI Assistant section.
  3. Toggle the Activate AI-Powered Assist to turn on the AI capabilities.
  4. Optional: Toggle the Automatic Conversation Summary to automatically summarize the conversation when the status changes to “Resolved”.

AI Setting channel Pic.png

  1. Save the setting at the bottom corner of the screen.
  2. Repeat this process for any other desired communication channel.
  3. Optional: To have the AI summaries recorded on the CRM, navigate to the CRM connector section in the channel settings and toggle to transfer the conversation summaries.

AI- Activating summaries in CRM  pic.png

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